Specialist Secure Services

Nerams Ltd provides a tailored safe and secure transport service to meet all individual needs. Our team are carefully selected individuals who are fully competent and highly qualified within the secure transport industry with a range of restrictive equipment and PPE. Our staff are thoroughly practiced in control and restraint manoeuvres and in a range of challenging scenarios. We are experienced in managing high risk situations including violent persons. 

We are also trained in the soft restraint ‘safer handling system’ comprising of soft-cuffs and body belts. These can securely, but comfortably, restrict physical aggression that may otherwise cause harm to the service user or others.

Specialist Training

Our training incorporates a wide variety of tutorial and physical exercises teaching both knowledge and skill sets that are essential to the environments we work in and is designed to teach, challenge, prepare and develop” Qualifications Include; Safeguarding, Mental health, L3 CERAD, E&D, Manual Handling, Conflict management, Physical intervention, Handcuff and soft cuff training and Mindfulness and wellbeing.


We work in collaboration with NHS trusts, Integrated Care Board, Private Hospitals, local Authorities, Social Care groups and the Justice system to form a multi-agency approach.