We are pleased to announce the deployment of our rapid Covid-19 testing teams for home, mobile or workplace applications. Rapid Covid-19 testing provides safety, convenience and reassurance for you and your family, as well as ensuring productivity for your business and workforce.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS CoV 2) is a highly infectious form of Coronavirus that causes the respiratory illness known as Covid 19. This potentially lethal disease can cause serious long term complications or death in both the young and old. Reducing the transmission of this virus is essential to protecting the integrity of the National Health Service and protect those you work and live with at this time but particularly during the winter months and this festive period when family congregate.

Rapid Covid-19 Testing For You

Meet your family with added piece of mind and have a safe Christmas. Enjoy the company of loved ones during the easing of lockdown measures over Christmas, especially those who have endured long periods of isolation and shielding.

Those with or without symptoms can be tested for Covid-19 with a painless nasal or throat swab with results given in as little as 12 minutes, allowing you to return to your day as quickly as possible.

Rapid testing reduces the possibility of transmission to relatives and vulnerable persons at home by asymptomatic carriers. Knowing that you and your family are Covid-19 negative reduces stress and gives piece of mind, benefiting mental health in such difficult times.

Asymptomatic carriers (or those who show no symptoms when infected) account for as high as 90% of those infected with the virus never realising that they are infected and can potentially infect others.

Our british manufactured COVID-19 RAPID Test Kits are CE marked and Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved for use. An accuracy of 99.8% for negative test results gives reassurance you are unable to unwittingly spread Covid-19 to your family or friends.

Benefits to you*:

  • Ensuring the safety and welfare of the elderly and vulnerable from their carers or to allow visitation from family and prevent mental decline.
  • Allow those involved in sport, particularly contact sports to play in safety with piece of mind and without distraction.

*Subject to current government guidelines and approval.

Rapid Covid-19 Testing For Your Business

Whilst many workplaces have successfully utilised distancing measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 and become safer workplaces, testing allows those industries where this is very difficult to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 transmission in their workforce and maintain productivity. Examples include production lines, control rooms, confined and poorly ventilated spaces, multioccupancy vehicles and shared cabs, care settings where lip reading is required or PPE cannot be worn for medical reasons.

Asymptomatic carriers (or those who show no symptoms when infected) account for as high as 90% of those infected with the virus, defeating most screening measures and never realising that they are infected and can potentially infect others. By mass testing of workforces this unknown quantity of Covid-19 positive workers circulating within the workplace can be reduced to a known value of zero with an error margin of only 0.2% in negative cases. This means that 99.8% of your workforce are correctly recognised as not being infected with Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Reduce downtime and lost productivity from potential outbreaks by allowing rapid evacuation and testing of potentially infected employees whilst workplace disinfection is conducted. Once potential sources of infection have been isolated the remaining workforce may return to work within minutes or hours depending on the size of workforce to be tested.

Ensure that contractors, temporary and agency workers visiting your workplace are not a potential source of infection when transiting between sites. Whilst you may be aware of and confident in the measures taken within your business to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 not all businesses enact the same measures to the same level of efficiency. Don’t let your business be put at direct risk by sharing untested staff with another.

The newly identified Long Covid syndrome can result in problematic recovery in some cases up to a year off work with potential for long lasting and career ending damage. Loss of man hours and experience of key personnel in highly specialised roles can be crippling for businesses, many of which operate under substantial strain in the current climate.

Benefits To Your Business*:

  • Ensuring key and mission critical personnel can be returned to work as soon as possible with minimal disruption to operations.
  • Allowing those workplaces and industries with confined or limited space available to return to full operation having taken steps to mitigate virus transmission.
  • Ensuring the safety and welfare of the elderly and vulnerable from their carers or to allow visitation from family and prevent mental decline.
  • Allow those involved in sport, particularly contact sports to play in safety with piece of mind and without distraction.
  • Prevent virus transmission by migrating agency staff or contractors, especially in care and healthcare
    settings or industries dependent on rapidly changing staff levels.
  • Prevent unnecessary disruption to your operations by reducing or eliminating potential Covid 19 outbreaks within your workplace and allowing workers to return to work as quickly as possible.

*Subject to current government guidelines and approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

The three main types of tests for COVID-19 can be split into two categories:

Tests for current infection

  • A PCR test, processed in a laboratory using a swab of the nose and/or throat. Results are typically delivered in 24-48 hours.
  • A rapid Antigen test that does not require laboratory processing. Uses the same swab of the nose and/or throat but delivers results in as little as 15 minutes.

Antigen tests are now being introduced as an alternative to PCR tests where rapid results and mass testing is required. Tests delivered by the government’s mobile sites in conjunction with Track and Trace are PCR tests and will show a current infection.

Tests for previous infection

  • An Antibody test that does not require laboratory processing and can indicate a previous or historic coronavirus infection. Requires a drop of blood from a finger prick and can give results in 15 minutes.


The currently considered gold standard of Covid-19 testing is the PCR (polymerise chain reaction) test, which directly detect the presence of antigens, rather than antibodies or the subjects own immune response.

PCR tests require samples to be transported to centralised laboratories equipped with expensive and immobile equipment, to then be repeatedly heated and stimulate viral sample growth until a result can be obtained and provided between 7 and 24 hours later.

Whilst being regarded as highly sensitive PCR tests could be considered more indiscriminate and give a false negative in as high as 30% of cases. Due to the compounded errors from the labour intensive stages between sampling and analysis and the low specificity, PCR tests are much better at confirming the presence of the virus than giving the patient an all-clear. To provide as accurate results as possible repeat testing can be used until a consensus of results is shown, however this accuracy comes at the increased cost of time and resources.

Despite these shortcomings, as no test is perfect, most tests conducted by the NHS until now have been PCR tests. Recent  government announcements and approval of newly developed rapid tests provides potential low cost alternatives to PCR for testing at point of care. At present multiple city wide mass testing pilot schemes involving rapid antigen tests are underway and local authorities have now been provided with a large number of tests for mass testing applications.

Using names such as rapid test or quick test can mistakenly give the impression that lateral flow devices are limited in their capability or accuracy. However, lateral flow devices are compact, cost-effective and offer considerable flexibility.

A simple and rapid Covid-19 Antigen test that does not require a laboratory for processing such as a PCR test, using lateral flow technology. Without transit times or requiring heating cycles results can be now be returned in as little as 15 minutes at point of testing.

Antigen tests react upon detection of the virus particles present in a swab sample obtained from the subjects nose or throat. Higher levels of virus particles present in samples allow for easier detection and research suggests that higher viral concentration and higher infectivity or viral shedding are linked.

A positive result will indicate if a person is actively infected with Covid-19 at time of testing. Positive results can be given 2-3 days before symptoms show and effectiveness peaks the day after symptoms manifest not only detecting but preventing outbreaks with regular testing. Antigen tests become less reliable over time once infected as the bodies immune system starts to fight the virus and are most effective when used in the first 7 days of symptoms.

The test consists of a lateral flow immunoassay device. The sample is mixed in a buffer solution, which is added to the test strip. The buffer solution allows the sample to flow along the test strip, where it interacts with antibodies specific for the antigen and can then be read with our calibrated immunofluorescent reader. The use of this technology can increase sensitivity by up to 100 times, detecting lower levels of viral particle concentrations for earlier detection.

Our highly trained and experienced mobile Covid-19 Testing Technicians will make the testing process as simple and comfortable as possible whilst ensuring the highest levels of safety are maintained using full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times.

A quick and painless swab sample is taken from the nose with minimal discomfort and introduced to the testing strip for development and analysis. The total time for this process including test result is typically under 20 minutes.

All our staff are experienced ambulance professionals with comprehensive training in Infection Prevention and Control and will perform a health check whilst you await your results. They will provide you with a record of your vital observations including heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, respiratory effort, blood oxygen saturation, blood glucose level, temperature, and capillary refill.

These clinical observations combined with a positive or negative COVID-19 test will assist your GP in making decisions regarding your care and any potential diagnosis.

Once your test is complete you will be provided with your test result certificate in paper and digital format and any potentially infectious or clinical waste from the test or health check will be disposed of by our testing technicians.

Using a range of safe medical grade Bacteriocidal, Virucidal, and Fungicidal cleaning products our team will ensure no sources of potential viral transmission remain contaminated.

If you have tested positive in the workplace your employer will be informed, or if tested at home we will inform your Local Authority for the Track and Trace system to be alerted. In both cases you should follow government guidelines on self-isolation at home.

If you have tested negative then are free to carry on with your day however please continue to follow government guidelines on limiting the transmission of Covid-19 for your safety and safety of others.