Across the Northeast of England, Nerams Ambulance Service supports the NHS to ensure that anyone who urgently requires medical attention or urgent transfer to definitive care receives exactly that, whilst maintaining a patient centric approach at all times.

The criteria for an Independent Ambulance Service to be selected and accepted by an NHS Trust is extremely detailed and robust. The inspection process is arduous and thorough and we as a private ambulance company are subject to inspections not only by every separate NHS Trust that we service but importantly the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The Nerams Clinical Team offer a quality A&E service across the Northeast that provides urgent and emergency care which is dictated by patient need. Our Clinical Professionals include Doctors, Paramedics, Ambulance Technicians, Nurses or Emergency Care Assistants.

We are focussed on delivering a first class 24/7 Accident & Emergency Ambulance service which never fail in their vital service.  We continually invest in our people and facilities so that we bring you the best service and standards possible.

Nerams Ltd is operated by our Clinical Governance Management Team which is headed by our own Medical Director, who is a Doctor (GP) and supported by a Prescribing Pharmacist alongside our HCPC Clinical Managers who work to the highest clinical standards and our use of medicines is aligned to JRCALC protocols. Please see our organogram below. 

Our vehicles are equipped up to and in some cases beyond the NHS Standard Ambulance. All our vehicles & equipment are regularly maintained and we follow ‘best practice' industry guidelines.

Our ambulances are always operated by fully qualified Ambulance Crews. We understand the importance of a swift, professional and reliable service when it comes to dealing with potential life-threatening cases.

All our staff are trained to the highest standards with employees having had previous experience with the Private and NHS sectors. All our staff have undertaken a full disclosure (DBS) before being employed by us. Our Paramedics are all registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and operate to national standards which mirror those of the NHS trusts or to specifics of a given contract.