Complaints Process

Email your complaint, including as much information as possible, to: 

When the email is received, we send you, the complainant an acknowledgement email within 2 working days and log the complaint on our systems. We review the complaint details and, if required, we may ask for further information. Once we have reviewed the complaint details, we carry out an investigation, we will try to complete it within 10 working days. If we are unable to complete our investigation within 10 working days, we will update you on our progress and provide an indication of when we hope to complete the investigation. Once our investigation is complete, we will issue a formal response to you indicating whether the complaint has been upheld or not and providing reasons for the decision. We may also inform any other stakeholders who have been affected by the outcomes of the investigation. We record all complaints received and review the details to establish if changes or improvements could be made to our services to prevent similar situations occurring. 


Complaints Timescales                                                                                                   

We aim to deal with all complaints as quickly as possible. We will:  

  • Acknowledge complaints within 2 working days of receipt 
  • Carry out an investigation and issue: o a formal response within 10 working days or o an update within 10 working days, stating when we will send a formal response



Any Centre or customer who wants to appeal against a Nerams Training Ltd decision, can find more information in the Nerams training Ltd Appeals Policy.